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Translate this page2012291320122812 Circular of the State Economy and Trade Commission on the Translate this pagePetrochemical Industry (a) Petroleum Refining and Sale We should, according to the state's new standards on the quality of gasoline and diesel oil, highlight the structural adjustment of products, and give priority to the construction of secondary processing devices and oil refining auxiliary facilities which improve the quality of gasoline and Panama -- Connecting China with Latin AmericaThe main exports were copper waste and scrap, aluminum waste, crustaceans, logs and pre-treated wood, coffee, and coffee substitutes, among others. According to Sun Jiwen, spokesman of Chinas Ministry of Commerce, Panama is the countrys largest trading partner in Central America, with bilateral trade amounting to US $6.38 billion in 2016.


 · Web viewIn December 2007, Congress amended the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, mandating standards for passenger automobiles and light trucks of model years 2011-2020 to ensure that the average fuel economy of the combined industry-wide fleet of passenger automobiles and light trucks in model year 2020 is at least 35 miles per gallon. [DOC] · Web viewSY5120HBC90G Dead weight 12×103kg 11.5×103kg Max. speed 85km/h 85km/h Overall dimension Total length 8900mm 8720mm Total width 2470mm 2470mm Total height 3040mm 2710mm Travelling System Truck brand DONGFENG SANY Chassis model EQ1108G6DJ15 SYM1120 Engine model EQB160-20 Cummins C245 20 Fuel kind Diesel oil Diesel oil Capacity of fuel tank 300L [DOC] · Web viewSimilarly, imports to the country have also increased from US $ 8.8 billion in 2005 to US $ 20.3 billion in 2011. India, China, Singapore and UAE continued to be the dominant suppliers to the country. In 2012, total expenditure on imports declined by 5.4 percent to US $ 19.2 billion with comparison to 2011. [DOC] · Web viewTable 3.41 Major procurement suppliers, 2010-14 110. Table 3.42 Appeals to the Public Procurement Authority, 2010-14 111. Table 3.43 IP statistics, 2011-14 112. Table 3.44 Summary of Turkey's protection of intellectual property rights, 2015 114. Table 3.45 Membership in international agreements, conventions and treaties, 2015 117

 · Web viewOil-cake and other solid residues, whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of soya-bean oil. - - - - Aviation turbine fuel (jet fuel) having a flash point of not less than 23oC 2710.19.14 - - - - Aviation turbine fuel (jet fuel) having a flash point of less than 23oC 2710.19.15 · Web viewThe company has always devoted itself to research and development of fire-fighting equipment systems as well as application technologies, which are applied in those very important fields such as harbor, airdrome (garage), oil tank farm, warehouse, ship, p Shenzhen Hengchangda Industry Co.. 2012125011A0025 2012-08-25 0755-26864565 84012232 Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity NetLIGHT-DUTY FUEL TANK CAR. H.S CODE:87163110 Model:G60 . Export area:Introduction:It is of up load and down discharge railway tank train for carrying light oil such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.

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