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Penguard FC high build epoxy topcoat |Jotun

Chemical resistance The epoxy binder ensures resistance against different types of chemicals, providing lasting protection of your property. High volume solids Compared to traditional epoxy finish coatings, Penguard FC has a higher volume solids giving lower VOC content per litre. Weight and Volume Equivalents - Air Products & ChemicalsWeight of Liquid or Gas:Volume of Liquid at Normal Boiling Point:Volume of Gas at 1 atm:lb:kg:L:gal:cf at 70°F:m 3 at 15°C:1.000:0.454:3.630:0.959:96 References Innovative Water SystemsVolume of tank:3 x 13,33m = 80m³ ID2000 and ID1600 rain- and wastewater pumping stations in Estonia. ID2200 sprinkler system watertank 600m³ in Denmark. Diameter of tank:ID2200mm ID2400/ID2200 chemical tank in tank in Denmark. Diameters of tank in tank:ID2400/ID2200mm

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